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The Great Bathroom Debate is Bullshit. Here’s Proof.

A few weeks ago, my non-gender conforming daughter (who is 8), and I were in a public restroom. As we were washing our hands, an older lady standing next to me looked at my daughter, (who was out of earshot at the hand dryer at the moment), then turned to me and said, “So, what’s the rule these days? When do parents allow their kids to go to the correct bathroom without a parent?”.

I fell silent for a second, completely confused as to what she was asking me. She took notice of my confusion and filled the silence with “You know what I mean. When will you allow him to go to the boy’s bathroom alone?”.

It took my brain a second to process that she was certain that my daughter was a boy and she was judging me, inferring he should be in his gender assigned bathroom.

“Oh, um. She’s a girl. She’s in the correct bathroom.”

The look on this lady’s face was somewhat indescribable. She could not have been more shocked, stammering and befuddled in that moment. I then saw the look of confusion take over her face, trying to make sense of my child’s gender and what I was saying.

She tried to backpedal and muddled something along the lines of, “Oh, well, well, I, um, just meant that she looks older and, um, I didn’t know…”.

My emotions were somewhere between annoyed, angry, and still confused by the whole conversation. The only thing I could choke out was, “Can’t judge a book by it’s cover, right?”, and she couldn’t manage any words.

First and foremost, stop judging parents, period, lady. Because that’s where she wanted to go with it, I’m certain. She wanted to get on her pedestal about how her generation allowed children to go to the bathroom alone at the age of 2 or whatever higher horse conversation she was encroaching on. I could hear it coming.

But secondly? This is exactly why the transgender bathroom debate makes no sense at all and is utter bullshit. Here it is. A prime example.

Here’s a person that assumed my child was a boy by mere esthetics. Boy clothes, plus boy hair, plus boy mannerisms must equal boy. She certainly could not see her genitalia. And because we were all in the bathroom to do what people do in the bathroom, take a piss, we were not bothering anyone. Why this woman felt the need to say anything at all is beyond me but by doing so, she proved a much larger point.

She proved that had my daughter been in the men’s bathroom, no one would have questioned her at all because she looks like a boy. If my daughter was/is trans, she’s visually acceptable and it would go without notice that she is in the stall next to another little boy. No one would know that she actually has a vagina.

The fact of the matter is, you have taken a squat in the very next stall to a trans person. You absolutely have. You just don’t know it. Because, as my daughter proved to this woman, looks can be very, very deceiving. Guys look like girls, girls look like guys, and trans people look like who they are. But more so- who cares?

Straight, gay, trans, bi- when we go into a bathroom, we all just need to go to the bathroom. That’s it. Pee, or take a shit, wash our hands, and move on. Why everyone is so goddamned concerned with our genitalia is bizarre. There are plenty of hard facts documenting that straight men are usually the perpetrators in any kind of bathroom assault or perversion so what’s with this preoccupation with transgender people or gender in general?

Since this whole bathroom debate began a couple of years ago, it caused me so much confusion about what it is everyone is so afraid of. I know the big bathroom debate is tired. I know it’s been written, it’s been discussed ad-nauseam. So, this is me half venting, half {hopefully} educating in a spill of emotion.

The truth seems to be, people just don’t want to be wrong about this marginalized community and this is why this is even still a topic of discussion. They don’t want to try to understand the biology and how it’s different from their own, or even if it’s different at all. They don’t want to realize that they’re just like everyone else.

Regardless of what your bible might tell you or what “morals and ethics” you hold true, or if you’re just one of those that believe those that challenge gender norms are “freaks”, try to put that all aside for one second. They’re people. Just living. That’s it. They’re just human beings. That’s it. Normal, breathing, thriving humans that need to go to the bathroom. If you don’t want to try to understand anything else about gender issues, fine. But just recognize the simple fact that they need to go to the fucking bathroom, just like you.

It hurts so many people when we move backwards, back towards exclusivity, opposed to inclusiveness. The us-versus-them mentality. The you’re-different-so-you-must-be-wrong mentality. And we are, indeed, slipping backward.

I hope we can do better as a whole with this entire topic. I’m not overly optimistic lately.

But also? Don’t give unsolicited parenting advice. Ever.

And, Stop judging books by their covers. Let my daughter pee and mind your own business.







9 thoughts on “The Great Bathroom Debate is Bullshit. Here’s Proof.”

  1. Yes to everything you say! This really hits home for me as I too am a parent to a gender non-conforming child. At this point we know he is transgender and has transitioned. However, when he was very young, our story mirrors yours to a T. Back then he was still “she” as she was assigned at birth, and was using girls’ bathrooms etc. We had a very similar experience to the one you describe and it didn’t happen just once. Thank you for writing about your experience . I am sure it will inform and educate. I have also written about this subject on my blog at Huff Po (I’ll Go With You) and I write more about it in my book He’s always a Been My Son.


    1. Hallelujah! Your words rang true for our family and our youngest child who is also gender nonconforming. Thank you for saying it so eloquently!


  2. Thank you for pointing out what should be common sense. I served in the military for 20 years among other careers until I could no longer deny and hide who I really am. The bathroom issue is a sham and as you stated we just want to pee. It’s that simple. We don’t want to loiter, sneak peeks, fantasize, or anything else. We just want to live our lives and be left alone. Why is that so hard to understand? Again, thank you for a well written article.


    1. Thank you, Katherine! Thank you for your service. And thank you for reading. It really should be common sense but as I’ve read floating around the internet before, “It isn’t about bathrooms just like it was never about water fountains”, which was wisely stated. I’m proud of you for living your truth!


  3. Until I hit puberty I was called son, boy, fella…you can never tell. No matter what people claim. I always identified as a girl. I just had short hair and didn’t wear dresses all the time.


  4. The next step would be ‘transgender’ men demanding to use locker and shower rooms. Would that be okay at pools? Would it be okay for a grown man who claims to have gender dysphoria to shower next to a little girl? This would be such an easy way for sexual predators to get away with their attacks. If gender dysphoria does even exist, most people do not have it, so why do the rest of us have to adjust to them? Why do we have to put our children at harm? Why is it okay for a transgender woman to claim that he/she is uncomfortable using a bathroom with men, but not okay for women to say that they are uncomfortable using a bathroom with a man in a dress? Why the double standards? What about if someone claims they are gender fluid and uses whatever bathroom comes to their fancy? Are they normal, too? And have you thought about your child’s future? How it will be next to impossible for her to find dates and partners? People who do identify with their biological sex and are attracted to the opposite sex have enough trouble with their love lives as it is, have you even thought of how devastating it will be to your little girl when she finds out as she grows up that absolutely no one wants to date her- people may claim their support to this nonsense, but absolutely no one is comfortable dating or mating such people. Think about what I’m saying, I really mean no harm or hate, but think about her in high school when everyone but her is going on dates. What about at 30?


    1. There’s absolutely no room here in my space with this narrative. Either do some true research on the science of being transgender or don’t but please, stop with this nonsense that “no one” will love them. You are part of the problem. And check your facts. Heterosexuals are the ones preying on our kids and molesting, not the LBGTQ community. Your thinking of what’s normal is out of date and sad.


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