Resources for the Journey

This is an evolving list of resources, especially for parents new to this journey of parenting a transgender child.

{Please also look for local resources to your area! You might have an LGBTQ+ center nearby who can give you amazing insight to you as a parent, possibly have youth programs, support groups, and will have local medical and mental health resources. Click here to check your local area.}



Gender Spectrum

National Center For Trans Equality

Trans Youth Equality Foundation

Human Rights Campaign: Understanding the Basics

Human Rights Campaign: list of resources


The Trevor Project

Online Support Groups for Families:

Trans Families– Virtual support groups for families, resources forums, networking for all families of gender diverse children and adults.

Trans Family Support Services

Medical Organizations Statements of Care:

American Academy of Pediatrics Policy Statement

World Health Organization


Mayo Clinic


Raising the Transgender Child by Michelle Angello

The Bold World by Jodie Patterson

What We Will Become by Mimi Lemay

Love Lives Here by Amanda Jette Knox

He’s Always Been My Son by Janna Barkin

I Promised Not to Tell by Cheryl B. Evans

Welcoming Schools LGBTQ+ Complete Book List

Documentaries and Videos:

Gender Revolution with Katie Couric, watch on Netflix

“Thats’s Good Enough”, Debi Jackson

Research of Interest:

Social Media Accounts to Follow:

Amber Briggle

Jamie Bruesehoff

Amber Leventry

Debi Jackson

Gender Inclusive Schools



Training Resources for Corporations, Schools, Small Businesses, Facilities, etc.:

Tailored Trained


Welcoming Schools


Local/Community/Regional Resources:

Rainbow Families- San Francisco area

TransParent USA- Regional

TransForm Cincy- Cincinnati

Addiction and Substance Abuse:


The LGBTQ+ Community and Addiction