Not A Tomboy: A Podcast Dedicated to Parenting A Trans Boy

Welcome to my podcast page!

I started a podcast that tells about my journey parenting a transgender child, (always with his permission, of course).

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Episode 1: Our Story and Why I’m Here. How Caitlyn Jenner Gave My Son His Voice

Episode 2: Q&A: His Name, Gender Identity vs. Sexuality, Hormones and Surgery

Episode 3: Our Journey of Coming Out In Elementary School. Resources for Parents.

Episode 4: It Was All A Dream. The Ever Evolving Emotions of Parenting A Trans Kiddo

Episode 5: The Hate We Receive. A piece of the journey of being a public advocate

Episode: My first interview! A chat with my Dylan!

Episode: A Chat with Dylan Part 2! We talk all things PRIDE!

Pride 2020: Series of Interviews to Celebrate Virtual Pride

Episode 1 PRIDE IS HERE |Chat with activist, author, public speaker Marissa McCool– Minneapolis resident and badass activist Marissa and I break down ally-ship, how we should be celebrating pride this year, what the climate in Minneapolis feels like in the middle of this civil rights revolution. Marissa drops knowledge on all of us while baring her soul in her coming our story.

Episode 2 PRIDE IS HERE |A Chat With Activist Nate Quinn