About Vanessa

Mind-Dumping in Yoga Pants: Musings From Behind Closed Doors.

I write mediocre streams of consciousness about real life shit. I don’t claim to be a good writer but I’ll always be honest.

I’m 41.

Single-mom to a redhead, a German Shepherd, and a Corgi.

Yoga lover.

Sun worshiper.

Florida State University football fan.

Happiness creator.

Student of life.



If you’re here because you googled my name after reading some sensationalized British media bullshit about how I’m raising my child, please click here first to read my side of the headlines.

I hope you enjoy the rest of my writings, too!

Thank you for visiting!


Featured posts on Scary Mommy

Scary Mommy


My writing has also been featured on BLUNTmoms.com.



The first time I was ever published online, BonBonBreak.com.
Bonbon Break

One of my favorite posts I wrote was published on Elephant Journal.
See my honest post about infidelity on Thought Catalog.

2 thoughts on “About Vanessa

  1. I’m a 60 yr old, born again Christian, a wife, a mom, a Gramma, a stepmom, a loyal woman, who would never betray anyone. I love too deeply and am still naive enough not to be able to see people using me. I fell in love with DOOL in 1972. In 1984, I fell for Bo! Then, this guy with a patch on his eye, came on! My, oh, my! He was handcuffed to a couch, alone with Hope. She was eating, and in the moment, he said, ‘Feed me, baby’ I melted! And, I have still got that feeling as I recall that scene today. You are a shining example of how young or old parents should behave, if put in your shoes. I can’t say I’d have the grace and patience you have displayed. I’d be proud to call you my daughter.


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